CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of a variety of metal, plastic hand model.



Bluetooth headphone model

材质: ABS
数据格式: STP/IGS/X_T

* 众达优势:
老板和技术总监于2006年开始从事手板行业,专注手板制作14年,2013年创立众达模型科技有限公司,拥有CNC,真空复膜,激光切割机,折弯,冲孔,焊接,喷漆等生产等设备, 有效减少加工成本和时间;VS单一工艺,无法满足客户要求,外发加工,加工时间和成本不能有效控制。

* 科学的管理流程:众达引进并选取适合自己的国外科学生产流程管理,每个环节都有 标准,严格执行,确保品质交期质量成正比;VS 缺少管理人员,一人包干 普通加工厂商因设备、工具、人员配备,简化大量生产流程,降低成本;以恶意低价格竞争市场,无法有障确保品质交期质量成正比
* 专业的质检,专业的质检人员,多年的品质管控经验,拥有3次元检测仪,为产品提供质检报告;公司通过ISO9001:2000质量体现认证,我们始终坚持“质量就是生命”的经营理念;VS 检测工具单一:品质无法有效保障,无法出具检测报告;
* 配套工艺齐全:众达实行一条龙服务,从外形成型加工到表面处理喷油、丝印、抛光、阳极氧化 等. 你设计,我们制造 VS 环境简陋无制度: 普通厂家无具体规章制度,产品质量不稳定,缺乏大多数工艺制作经验,只能制作简单产品,效果无法保证;

Rapid Prototype Model
Material: ABS
Processing: CNC
Finishing: Painting
3D format: STP/IGS/X_T,
CategoryPlastic model customization
Product introduction can be ordered in small quantities.
Why choose us

* Advantages of Zhongda:

Our boss and technical director began to engage in the handcraft industry in 2006, focusing on handcraft production for 14 years, and founded Zhongda Model Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013, with CNC, vacuum casting, laser cutting machine, bending, punching, welding, painting and other production equipment. Effectively reduce processing cost and time; VS single process, unable to meet customer requirements, outsourcing processing, processing time and cost can not be effectively controlled.

* Scientific management process: Zhongda introduces and selects foreign scientific production process management suitable for itself. Each link has standards, which are strictly implemented to ensure that the quality is directly proportional to the quality of the delivery period; VS lacks management personnel, one person is responsible for it Because of the equipment, tools and personnel allocation, ordinary processing manufacturers simplify large-scale production process and reduce costs; they compete in the market with malicious low price, so they can not guarantee the quality of delivery and quality in direct proportion
* Professional quality inspection, professional quality inspection personnel, many years of experience in quality control, with 3D measuring instrument, to provide quality inspection reports for products; the company passed ISO9001:2000 quality embodiment certification, we always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality is life"; VS testing tools are single: quality cannot be effectively guaranteed, unable to issue test reports;Rapid Prototype Model
*Complete supporting technology: Zhongda implements one-stop service, from product processing to finish, painting, silk-screen, polishing, and anodizing,etc. you design, we manufacture! VS environment is simple without system: ordinary manufacturers do not have specific rules and regulations, product quality is unstable, lack of most of the process manufacturing experience, can only make simple products, the effect can not be guaranteed;Rapid Prototype Model