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Material ABS+Brass nut
Processing CNC+Vacuum Casting
Finishing Remove Burrs
File format STP/IGS/X_T
Categor CNC+Vacuum Casting rapid prototype customization
Product introduction Using CNC+Vacuum Casting process, batch production can be rapid

Why choose us?

Vacuum die casting is one of the rapid prototype processing methods, which is suitable for one order and small batch of rapid prototype production, it can reduce the cost of mould and the time of making mould. It is the best way to produce small batch products.

We can not only make general vacuum casting materials such as ABS, PP, PC, PMMA,transparent PU, soft PU,silicone rubber, etc., but also realize the rubber coating and two-color vacuum casting, transparent soft rubber and color soft rubber.

Our master has more than 14 years of working experience, familiar with the production process, able to complete products quickly and accurately, and better serve customers.It is widely used in toy, gift, electric appliance, communication, automobile, motorcycle, medical instrument and other fields.

Our Advantages

Generally, the products in the industry are monochrome vacuum casting, and there are certain difficulties in two-color or multi-color vacuum casting. Our master has many years of working experience in rubber coating, which can avoid cross color, realize the rubber coating requirements of different hardness, as well as the rubber coating of hardware and plastic.

Transparent/translucent soft rubber requires high transparency and no bubbles, we can achieve hardness accuracy, high transparency and no bubbles.

From prototype to vacuum casting, will be exist shrinkage ratio, which will affect the precision of part. However, our company can achieve the tolerance within the controllable range, and the precision is up to +/-0.1mm.