CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of a variety of metal, plastic hand model.



Power Train Electric Equipment Powder Spraying Rapid Prototype Printing Model

Material stainless steel
Processing sheet metal laser cutting, bending
Finishing powered spray, silk screen
File format STP/IGS/X_T
Category Sheet metal rapid prototype customization
Product introduction Using sheet metal laser cutting molding, batch production can be rapid

Why choose us?

Our boss and technical director began to engage in the handcraft industry in 2006, focusing on handcraft production(including rapid prototype printing) for 14 years, and founded Zhongda Model Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013, with CNC, vacuum casting, laser cutting machine, bending, punching, welding, painting and other production equipment. Effectively reduce processing cost and time; VS single process, unable to meet customer requirements, outsourcing processing, processing time and cost can not be effectively controlled.


Scientific Management Process

Zhongda selects and introduces foreign scientific production process management suitable for itself. Each link has standards, which are strictly implemented to ensure that the quality is directly proportional to the quality of the delivery period; VS lacks management personnel, one person is responsible for it Because of the equipment, tools and personnel allocation, ordinary processing manufacturers simplify large-scale production process and reduce costs; they compete in the market with malicious low price, so they can not guarantee the quality of delivery and quality in direct proportion.


Professional Quality Inspection

Professional quality inspection personnel, many years of experience in quality control, with 3D measuring instrument, to provide quality inspection reports for products; the company passed ISO9001:2000 quality embodiment certification, we always adhere to the business philosophy of "quality is life"; VS testing tools are single: quality cannot be effectively guaranteed, unable to issue test reports.


3D Measuring Instrument Vernier Calipers(300mm) Inside Micrometer(30mm)
Feeler Guage(1-13mm) Height Guage(500mm) Outside Micrometer(25-50mm)
Gonio Meter(200mm) Depth Indicator(300mm) Roughness Specimens(7 Groups of Grinding/Flat Grinding)
Thread Gauge(M1-M20) Tool Microscope(8 Million Pixels) ....


Complete Supporting Technology

Zhongda implements one-stop service, from product processing to finish, painting, silk-screen, polishing, and anodizing,etc. you design, we manufacture! VS environment is simple without system: ordinary manufacturers do not have specific rules and regulations, product quality is unstable, lack of most of the process manufacturing experience, can only make simple products, the effect can not be guaranteed.