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Dongguan Handplate Model, Machining Process, Rapid Prototyping Technology!

Nov 08,21

Process flow chart can be divided into 3 categories according to different purposes. Machining technology is no longer limited to turning, milling, grinding and drilling. More processing processes have emerged to meet the production and manufacturing functions of products and make up for the shorts of traditional processing.

  1. Metal Injection Molding

This technology is a new near net-form technology of powder metallurgy, which is formed by introducing modern plastic injection molding technology into the field of powder metallurgy.

2. Material Flow Chart

Based on the above general process flow chart of the whole plant, the material flow chart is a chart style used to represent the internal process material flow chart between workshops.

3. Nano Injection Molding Technology (NMT)

First, the metal surface is nano-processed, then the plastic is injected into the metal surface. Magnesium, stainless steel, titanium and other metals can be combined with hard resin to achieve an integrated molding. The process flow chart is a very meaningful one.

  Metal base material:

Aluminum and its alloys: 1000-7000 series (5052, 6061, 7075)

Copper and its alloys: CAC16, C110, C5191, KLF194

Magnesium and its alloys: AZ-91D

Titanium and its alloys: KSTI

Stainless steel: SUS-304, 316L and other ferrous series alloys (MIM304L)

    I: Designer drafts product appearance design

    1. Instructions for Appearance Design Guidelines

    2. Drawing sketches

    3. Visual actual dimension drawing and concept drawing

    4. Product Appearance Color Plan and Matching

    5. Make the exterior hand panel model and finish the selection initially.

    II: Designers carry out design instructions and operation!

    1. Understanding (e.g. wiring drawings, product packaging, size and precautions for inductive devices)

    Dongguan Handplate Model, Machining Process, Rapid Prototyping Technology!

    IV. Drawing up a comprehensive design plan

    2. Put forward development plan to guide material, design, sales, personnel and operation of the product!

    3. Make a three-dimensional picture and design the position of buckle and screw by fixing the upper and lower covers, paying special attention to the design of button space at the side and the feasibility of operation.

    Importance and practical application, so as to make it more convenient for later operation and design.