CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of a variety of metal, plastic hand model.



Sheet metal processing

Mar 28,20

1,Review drawings, program and select materials according to customer drawings.


2.Laser cutting: It uses laser cutting method to cut out the structural shape of its plate on a piece of iron plate


3,Punch machining. Generally, punch machining includes punching and cutting angle, punching and blanking, punching convex hull, punching tearing, hole drawing and other processing methods, so as to achieve the processing purpose. The processing needs to have the corresponding mold to complete the operation. Punching convex hull has the convex hull die, punching tearing has the tearing forming die.

4, Bending. Bending is to convert 2D flat parts into 3D parts. Its processing needs a folding machine and corresponding bending mold to complete the operation


5. Welding. Welding is to weld multiple parts together to achieve the purpose of processing or to weld the edge seam of a single part to increase its strength


6, Finishing: Includes electroplating, chromate, painting, anodizing, etc. it is mainly to coat a protective film on the surface of materials and parts to prevent oxidation.