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3D printing

Apr 08,20

3D printing is one of the rapid prototype techniques ,it is based on digital model and use adhesive materials of metal powder or plastic etc. ,then use laser technique of constructing objects by layer by layer. 3D printing often used in mould manufacturing, industrial design etc. or manufacture some finished products .But the hardness of plastic prototype is relatively fragile make the 3D products usable range is limited.

3d printing

Our 3D printing type:

Style Technology Material Tolerance range
Photocuring SLA photosensitive resin  +/-0.02 mm
Powder SLM titanium、stainless steel、aluminum etc. +/-0.02 mm
SLS ABS、PC、PA、metal powder、etc. +/-0.02 mm
Extrusion FDM ABS、PLA etc. +/-0.02 mm
3D printing application:
●Visual prototypes for photo shoots and market testing
●“Show and tell” parts with smooth surfaces and fine details
●Prototypes for limited functional testing
●Masters for copying techniques such as Vacuum Casting
●Patterns for investment casting
●Low-volume production of complex geometries

3D metal printing application:
●Fully functional prototypes
●Production tools
●Tooling such as molds and inserts
●Rigid housings
●Spare parts
●Heat exchangers and heatsinks