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How to make and process the hand board model in the hand board factory + hand board processing!

Nov 15,21

As we all know, hand panel processing has developed into scale as early as a few years ago or even more than ten years ago, which greatly meets the needs of some company manufacturers and individuals, such as Shenzhen Handplate Template Factory and Dongguan Handplate Model Factory.

Most famous. However, we do not know how to make and process the handplate model. Here we will introduce the manufacturing process and how to process the model.

I. Processing equipment is usually molds that cost a lot of money. They are made by large mold machines such as vacuum duplication. The data format is divided into.Igs.stp.stl. Our company, Zonda Model is not like other small workshops

Similarly, only a few machines work day and night, without quality assurance, and people are easily tired. The precision of our products are all 0.002mm. Customers have both at home and abroad. Material can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Zhongda model makes all kinds of hand panels, hardware hand panels, medical hand panels, toy hand panels and so on. 3-5 days of rapid prototyping gives samples. Solve various problems and troubles of customers, such as unable to meet individual customization, poor quality of 3D printing manufacturer, too long time to produce hand plate, inappropriate printing materials, high cost of hand plate production, comprehensive production process and other factors. Zhongda Model Deep Tillage Industry has been engaged in handplate model processing, CNC processing, 3D printing and so on for nearly 20 years. The company has complete equipment, customizable requirements and 3-5 working days delivery. Serve more than 4000 new and old customers and win the support and trust of our customers.

3. Making and processing of our hand panel model is first engineering quotation > changing hand panel into > programming on machine > machining > silk printing > sand blasting > oil blasting > manual polishing > UV processing > hand panel inspection > final packaging and delivery. It owns SLA laser curing rapid prototyping technology, SLS selective laser sintering technology, SLM selective laser melting technology, CNC numerical control processing technology, vacuum duplication processing technology, laser cutting processing technology, sheet metal punch processing technology, surface treatment injection technology, hand plate surface silk printing technology.

4. Handplate factory + handplate processing, how to make and process the handplate model. We also select materials according to the needs of customers. There are defaults, there are on the market, and popular. In a word, our products are also well-known products in the industry. The following sub-section describes the general materials and their characteristics.

(1) White photosensitive resin material, characterized by fine manufacturing details, high surface requirements for hand panels, easy grinding and painting and other post-processing.

(2) Transparent photosensitive resin, with white photosensitive resin surface and detail performance, as well as good water resistance and stability, looks more like transparent plastic.

(3) Nylon and nylon have high material strength, good heat resistance and abrasive appearance. They are suitable for electrical appliances, electric appliances, automotive parts, etc.

(4) Red wax, the material has the advantages of high precision and high expressiveness, the model effect pattern printed with this material is fine, the surface quality is smooth, and it is suitable for small-size hand panel model requiring high precision. There are other materials, such as nylon fiber-reinforced material, steel material, titanium alloy material, nylon carbon brazing material, aluminium material, copper material, stainless steel material, etc.

5. There are many application fields of hand panel model, such as industry, kitchen appliances, automotive industry, eye industry, electronics industry, toy industry, medical device industry, etc., and many other industries are also introduced in different subdivisions.

Above are the process steps and related raw materials of the hand panel model made up for you. I hope it will be helpful to you!