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Introduce the type of hand panel model and how to classify the hand panel factory + CNC hand panel!

Nov 16,21

Handplate models are usually designed to meet the needs of companies and individuals. They are classified into many categories, such as common, structured, exterior, functional and, if subdivided, metal and plastic, which are temporarily classified in the market.

Below is a short edition to introduce you to the general application areas of the hand panel model.

1. Structural hand plates are usually used for precise experiments. Their purpose is to test whether products have problems. Structural hand plates have high requirements and even have the same requirements as the finished products. Usually, they are made of very good materials, with an accuracy of 0.01mm. The imported five-axis machine is used for Zhongda Model to achieve high accuracy and professionalism.

It is suitable for high-precision product experiments such as some electronic products, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

2. Appearance handboard, as the name implies, is the literal meaning and ornamental handboard model. Its function is mainly used in exhibitions and exhibitions, to show customers the products, but the requirements on its interior are not high, so it is necessary to find a reliable paint manufacturer, even if it is a hundred steps back, for the production of CNC handboard machine.

During the process, inadvertent problems can also be covered up by defects in the paint bar. Therefore, the paint manufacturer is very important and has a close relationship with the exterior hand panel. The exterior hand panel is suitable for some products with low precision and low internal requirements, such as toy simulation model, toy simulation aircraft, toy simulation motorcycle car, etc.

3. Functional and functional hand boards may cost a lot of money if they are molded, but when they are made, they can be viewed as exhibitive as well as not affecting sales. They are very convenient and cost-effective. Functional hand boards require the same requirements as finished products, and they can be understood as finished products. The finished products are just what he now calls functional hand boards.

Functional hand boards are usually used to model more expensive products, such as machinery, and the medical industry is expensive to model, so this is the best one to use.

4. Metal handplate and CNC handplate models can be divided into two categories according to major categories. One is metal handplate and the other is plastic one. The proportion of metal handplate is higher than that of plastic one. The common application range of metal handplate models is electronic appliances, household appliances, kitchen appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, ships, telephones, fax machines, televisions and other metal products.

"Now, the function of metal hand plate has been greatly increased, far exceeding that of plastic template, which is a kind of manual template in a very popular market."

5. Plastic handboards and plastic handboards are generally used. Some handmade models include toy cars, toy trains and many handmade ones. His materials are mainly silica gel, mainly to show the handboard models used in product design. "Like other CNC hand panel models, RP hand panel models, CNC hand panel models and manual hand panel models are also available, because the hand panel model is assembled, so he appears."

It can cause problems for enterprises, provinces and regions, and some unnecessary monetary expenditure.

Above is a brief introduction about the types of handboard models that we have arranged. How are the handboard factories + CNC handboards classified? I hope the above contents can help you who are learning, Zonda Model.