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Handplate model grinding skills, Dongguan Handplate Model Company how to grind the handplate model!

Nov 18,21

Handplate model grinding skills, Dongguan Handplate Model Company how to grind the handplate model!

How are the hand panel models ground? In cities like Dongguan, there are many handboard model factories, so the natural grinding technology is also very good. Generally, these are large factories, but there are also many small workshops, so you are looking for manufacturers.

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The model of hand panel needs to be ground basically when it is made from the machine. The grinding can be divided into three common types: manual grinding, manual grinding and wet grinding. Here is a brief introduction for you.
1. Artificial grinding, the most common one at the beginning is manual grinding, which requires manual grinding almost every day. It can also be called dry grinding. The advantage is that speed block can be used as a product when done well. The disadvantage is that sandpaper will fly a lot of dust during manual grinding. It is suitable for rough hand model grinding. Protective measures must be taken when grinding, such as wearing a precise mask. If you don't wear protective clothing, it depends on the company's regulations. Strict point is to wear it. Dust will not be very good when it comes to you for a long time.

2. Machine grinding and as the name implies, the model of the hand grinded by the machine is usually large pieces. If manual grinding is laborious and water grinding is not needed, then the machine can be used for grinding. In this way, time and cost can be saved and manual grinding can be used for grinding small pieces, and machine grinding can be used for grinding large pieces. Common machines include vibrating type. Electric grinding machine.

3. Wet grinding, usually with soapy water or with a little soapy water, can reduce the contact time between sandpaper and mold and reduce unnecessary losses. It can not only improve the integrity of the mold, but also reduce the loss of sandpaper. However, we need to pay attention to one point.

It is the paint that must be dried after wet grinding. If it is not dried, the paint will be white to a certain extent.
Above is the method of trimming about how to grind the hand panel model. Manual grinding and wet grinding are common. In fact, there is a way that you can spray a layer of primer first and then grind according to the position. In this way, you can better prevent dust and dust without worrying about grinding errors.