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Changan Handboard Model Factory is good, just look at the customer's attitude towards us - Zhongda Model

Nov 22,21

Mr. Zhao from Xinjiang saw Zhongda Model Factory on the Internet. They had their own suppliers before. However, due to the geographical relationship and unpleasant staff cooperation, he has not found a suitable supplier. So he searched for the manufacturer on the Internet and then found our Zhongda Model Factory for consultation.

Listen to the customer Mr. Zhao said that there are only a few manufacturers in Xinjiang, only one or two. The technology is still learned from Chang'an Hand Panel Factory and Shenzhen Hand Panel Factory. Although the technology is authentic, it is a bit old. Many parts and components of precision instruments can not be produced, so we have to look for manufacturers.

If you continue to look for manufacturers in Xinjiang, part of what you have done is not very qualified, which wastes both emotion and time. So I searched Chang'an Handplate Model Factory on the internet, Zhao came to our Zhongda Model and saw that we can do a lot, such as hardware handplate model, plastic handplate model, aluminum alloy parts handplate, vacuum duplication, CNC processing, 3D printing technology, precision instrument parts processing can be done, and micro-processing can also be done well, such as manual deburring, dry and wet polishing, painting, silk printing, Oxidation treatment, Aluminization treatment and technology are also good in China, so I called to express my interest in our production process.

After listening carefully to the needs of Mr. Zhao who has flown thousands of miles from Xinjiang, he made a model which he sent us before. After carefully reviewing it and asking the technicians of his peers, Mr. Zhao spoke highly of our products and immediately expressed his desire for further cooperation and then signed a secret agreement with mutual satisfaction.

Then we had a dinner in the evening for this Xinjiang customer who had traveled thousands of miles and flew on the next day. A few days later in Xinjiang, Mr. Zhao received the hand boards from Chang'an Hand Boards Factory of Zhongda Model and called to thank him. He was very satisfied and said that Zhongda Model is a very good hand model factory and very satisfied with your service and attitude. I trust you too!