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What is the market price of handboard model? Reference price of silicone handboard model!

Nov 23,21

Many customers have inquiries on the Internet and send design drawings or drawings directly to ask the price. The customer is not the designer can not answer this question. The quotation can only be quoted to you through a business teacher after all aspects of cost and labor profit have been calculated. In the process of quotation, we will also make a check for your individual and enterprise. To distinguish whether the price is set by your peers, whether you are an intermediary or not, etc. If you want a hand model that is urgent and needs to be shipped in a short time, this will require the manufacturer to increase the working time of the employees and the cost will soar because additional utilities, labor and overtime bosses are embarrassed to starve the employees. It also includes meals. That's one thing.

The second point is that if you have strict product requirements, such as 0.002 accuracy, we need to carefully operate the machine. This will increase the cost for the handboard model supplier and our silicone handboard model is strictly adhered to.

National standards and customer requirements. Printed prototypes are perfused in vacuum using materials required by customers to clone copies of the same prototypes. Common materials are silicone hand panel models made of ABS plastic, POM Saigon, acrylic, pps, pp, polyurethane pu, pvc, pu, nylon, photosensitive resin, electrowood, rubber, etc.

Third point is, because the company is making high-precision products, receive courier must first confirm whether the product has problems in transit, if there are a series of problems such as breakage, cracks, etc., must contact us at the first time to confirm the correctness so that the courier can leave. Customized products can be re-called if quality problems arise. They also pay for round trip freight, but do not support returns and refunds. Silicone hand model prices are usually quoted up to 300-600 depending on your needs, requirements and timing. Prices are determined by a variety of factors, such as soaring costs and raw materials, we will certainly not sell at the original price, but will follow the market. It needs to be made clear that our workshops are clean and clean, and many of our products are manually ground wet and dry. Display machine grinding, manual grinding after finishing, most of the products are suitable for the household appliances industry, electronics industry, silicone industry, as well as the soft rubber industry, automotive parts industry, transparent parts industry, industrial products industry.

Above is a price reference for your Silicone Handboard Model, which I hope can help you.