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How are the metal handplate models manufactured and processed?

Nov 24,21

"Hand panel model industry, if classified according to major categories, is a plastic and metal handplate model. If classified according to regions, coastal cities are important bases for the development of the handplate model industry, such as the well-known Shenzhen handplate model, Dongguan handplate model, Shanghai handplate model or Shenzhen handplate model factory, most of which extend from Dongguan side." So Dongguan is also known as the home of handboard model.

To make a handplate model is to continuously pursue new technology and services so as not to be eliminated by the society. Here is a brief edition to share how the handplate factory makes a metal handplate model. The metal handplate models are divided into several categories, namely, aluminum alloy handplate model, hardware handplate model and stainless steel handplate model. These hand models are howling, but they are difficult to make. Many small factories start with small batches and then find out what is wrong and improve step by step.

Dongguan Zhongda Model is a direct machine production, there will be no such problem. Even if these problems occur, we have several years of experience in grinding master, painter to modify, dry and wet grinding, or to cover up with paint. Zhongda Model, combined with robotics, performs burr processing and flexible application.

The metal handplate model manufactured is applicable to many industries, such as machinery manufacturing industry, chemical equipment industry, industrial processing industry, aviation equipment industry, construction industry, automotive industry, etc. It has a wide range of uses. The production process is gated layer by layer, and personnel are also checked layer by layer. The metal handplate model is divided into many types. Here is a brief introduction.

1. AB laser processing is made of ABS by high temperature laser. Its feature is that the internal structure can be seen clearly at a glance, but the defect is that the appearance is slightly inadequate, which is suitable for making structural hand plate for verification.

2. In CNC machining, the metal handplate model is first three-dimensional by computer, and then debugged in the machine with drawings. The precision of the product processed by Zonda model is 0.002mm. The machining is fast and cost-saving, but the machine tool is very expensive. Ordinary small factories cannot afford it.

3. Fast model machining. He firstly normalizes the mold and generates it completely according to the standard of finished product. Then he applies plastic machine and processes it in the way of CNC processing handplate model, which can meet the requirements of drawings.

4, 3D printing, 3D printing is a very popular technology in recent years, their processing characteristics are using metal or plastic bonding materials, according to the product itself, printing products from left to right with powder metal or plastic, etc. The disadvantage is that the printing is not precise, i.e. rough, so high-precision products, metal handplate models. 3D printing technology is not recommended

This is how the metal handplate model is manufactured and processed. I hope it can help you in doubt!