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apid prototyping fabrication machining, specifically in what ways?

Nov 25,21

There are a lot of laymen who know a lot about how Rapid prototyping fabrication is processed, but there are lots of laypeople, or who want to be ready to go in and want to learn some relevant knowledge about the way the products are processed first, then the small editors give those friends who want to go through and introduce what are the ways of Rapid prototyping  fabrication,

The Rapid prototyping was machined in three ways.

1One is the very hot fire 3D printing technology in recent years, which is a kind of machining and making by first using computer modeling software to design a model, and then applying adhesive materials such as resin, powdered metal or plastic. Its outer appearance is somewhat rough, it is suitable for machining some big pieces, and it is not very accurate for the products,

 Such as the vases at home, ah, dishes, tissue boxes, light hoods, strokes, and other products.
  1. Vacuum casting, what is the vacuum casting prototype? Vacuum mold is generally made of the original sample in vacuum and without air. The commonly used materials are silica gel, nylon, PU, ABS and other materials. First prepare the appearance of the product, and then instill Silicone, nylon and other materials into the mold.

The advantages of this vacuum casting are low cost, short production cycle, basic no waste, processing costs are not as high as the other two. It's a very popular way of processing now.

3One is CNC processing, CNC processing is the most commonly used prototype way at present, his role in the field is very wide, machinery industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, printing industry, packaging industry, textile industry, military industry, are using this way of processing

CNC machining center mainly do some precision parts, materials generally have ABS, PC, PE, PMMA, PP , etc., CNC machining center process is: 1 place order 2 design 3 production 4 polishing 5 transportation.

The above is the small series for you to collect the prototype processing ways, I hope to help you.