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How rapid prototyping factory is recognized by customers!

Nov 26,21

Rapid prototyping industry has been on the rise since its inception, especially in the case of many domestic manufacturers. The success of Zhongda model in such an environment is inseparable from good quality and after-sales service, BMW
As a global civilized automobile company, we choose Zhongda model cooperation in China because the technology of Zhongda model is outstanding in many fields.

In terms of quality, we receive orders from the Internet and customers introduced to the majority, and now we are also introduced Beijing precision five axis processing machine, in terms of accuracy has reached 0.002mm, in the naked eye is not visible
Any processing traces, secondly, our technical team, are teachers with many years of work experience in China, in the domestic hand model industry is ranked number, these are enough to show that we are strict about products, and excellent service,
Customers who choose zhongda model, the results will be very satisfied with our products and precision, including appearance and structure, and some are also manufacturers who have introduced a lot of demand for hand model to us.

However, we have done a good job of keeping customers confidential. However, we will sign relevant confidentiality agreements with customers who choose Zhongda model before offering a
quotation. In the process of cooperation, customers will also visit to give guidance on the production process
After the production is finished, we will visit the customer regularly and ask about the situation of use. If there is any quality problem, we can replace it with freight and ask the customer what they still need
Other help.

And we will regularly train personnel, organize learning, to work and life are meticulous care, our grinding master, spray painting master is a professional level, some customers are to our technology, customers to us
The level of technology is quite recognized, there are a lot of customers are directly under the order, of course, we did not let the customer disappointed, if you want to find a rapid prototyping factory to let you rest assured, let me strongly recommend you choose zhongda model.