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Silica gel compound mold to make product shell common process problems

May 24,21

When the product needs small batch production, it is generally produced by silica gel replicas. The silica gel replicas refer to the use of the original sample to make the silica gel molds under the vacuum state, and use PU, silica gel, nylon ABS and other materials for casting under the vacuum state, so as to clone the same copy as the original sample

Silica gel complex model point: free mold, low processing cost, short production cycle, high imitation, suitable for small batch production and other characteristics.It is favored by the high-tech industry. Silicone replicas can speed up the progress of research and development and avoid unnecessary waste of money and time cost during research and development.Silicone mold can be used 15-25 times.
Silica gel compound mold material :ABS, PC, PP, PMMA, PVC, rubber, high temperature resistant material and other silicone compound mold material.
Silica gel composite mold application
1, plastic hand board: its raw materials are plastic, mainly some plastic products, such as robots, medical equipment, television, monitor, telephone and so on.Like 3D hand proofing in the most common photosensitive resin belongs to the plastic hand class.
2. Silica gel laminated hand board: its raw material is silica gel, mainly to show the shape of the hand board, such as cars, mobile phones, toys, handicrafts, daily necessities and so on.
Silica gel complex mold production process
First, prototype production
Before making the silicone replicas model, we need to make a prototype.Prototypes can be 3D printed or made by CNC.
Two, silicone mold
Once the prototype was ready, we started to make silicone molds.
After eight hours of drying, the silicone mold was cut open and the prototype was removed.The silicone mold is now ready.
Third, note type
Pour the liquid gum material into the silicone mold and dry it.The service life of transparent silica gel mold is about 15-25 molds.Suitable for all small batch customization
Use CNC, SLA, or 3D printing to produce the prototype and make the nozzle
The prototype is boarded in preparation for the mold
Pour the vacuumed liquid silica gel into the mold and cover the product completely
Put the mold into the oven to bake in order to accelerate the solidification of the silica gel mold
Remove the prototype from the mold
According to the material needed by the product, vacuum pouring material, copy the finished product