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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages and applications of PC materials? (CNC prototyping)

Sep 01,21

Do you know the advantages and disadvantages and applications of PC materials? (CNC prototyping)

PC is the abbreviation of Polycarbonate, Polycarbonate English is Polycarbonate, referred to as PC engineering plastics, PC material is actually our so-called engineering plastics -. Advantages and Disadvantages As a material widely used in the world, PC has its own characteristics and advantages and disadvantages.

A, THE advantages of PC materials:
PC material is an amorphous thermoplastic resin with excellent comprehensive properties. Excellent electrical insulation, elongation, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, high strength, heat resistance and cold resistance; It is also self-extinguishing. , with flame retardant, non-toxic, coloring and other advantages, you can see the shadow of PC plastic in every corner of life, large-scale industrial production and easy processing characteristics also make it very cheap. It's strong enough for everything from cell phones to bulletproof glass.
二、 THE shortcomings of PC materials
1. Its hardness is less than that of metal, which makes its appearance easier to scratch, but its strength and toughness are very good both under heavy pressure and under general knocks, as long as you don't try to break it with stones. Long enough life.
2.Not resistant to strong acid, strong base, ultraviolet light, weak acid, neutral oil. PC material application field wide wave transmission optical instruments, as a kind of engineering plastics with good transparency, widely used in the world PC optical disc substrate, not only can be used to prepare CD, VCD and DVD, but also can be used to manufacture CD, VCD and DVD. As the substrate of high density recording disc, especially the copolymer formed by graft of PC and styrene, it has excellent application effect.
三、Application of thermoplastic polycarbonate PC plastic: general structural parts, instrument cover with wide temperature range, aircraft, automobile, electronic industry parts, textile coil tube, carburetor, timer parts, safety helmet, impact resistant aviation glass, etc. It's also used in everyday things.