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What is a five-axis machining center? What are its characteristics and advantages

Nov 09,22

Five-axis linkage machining center is a kind of machining center with high technology content and high precision, which is specially used for machining complex curved surface. Industries such as equipment have a significant impact.

First, what is the five-axis machining center
The five-axis linkage machining enterprise has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, and the workpiece can complete the complex processing by clamping. It can adapt to the processing of existing research moulds such as parts and aircraft structural parts of Chinese automobile enterprises. The five-axis machining center is very different from the pentahedral machining center. Many people do not know their own this point, the pentahedral machining technology center is mistaken for five axis machining enterprise center. Five axis machining center by X, y, z, a, C five axis, xyz, ac axis composed of five axis linkage machining. "Pentahedral Machining Technology Center" is similar to the three-axis machining enterprise center, only we can make five curved surfaces at the same time, but not necessarily can do special-shaped structure processing, such as drilling inclined holes, cutting inclined planes and so on. In addition, five axis machining center has a very wide range of applications. It is understood that the current five-axis CNC machining center system is the only way to solve the impeller, blade, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, automobile hub, large diesel engine crankshaft and other processing means.
Two, five axis processing advantages
(1) Reduce the processing time of enterprises and improve the production and processing accuracy.
The five-axis machining center is characterized by one clamping can process all five faces. This is called dealing with Angle avoidance. If it is A linkage control machine tool, the C-axis can be rotated without limit, and the A-axis can be rotated by about 130 degrees. These device characteristics allow interference-free machining. Its advantage is that can be done one - time clamping processing, which can avoid the repeated clamping | the repetitive positioning error. At the same time, a clamping also saves a lot of use time, improve the management work learning efficiency. It can reduce the time from product to delivery and reduce inventory.
(2) Reduce equipment investment cost, plant area and plant number.
Five-axis processing technology center about composite material processing machine, usually use with T(car) function, from the flat five-axis processing technology center about composite material processing machine, usually use with T(car) function, from the flat car price is very expensive, through the cost, processing cycle, according to the calculation can be found that the five-axis cost performance is relatively high. In the past, our production and processing may be mainly divided into engineering. The problem with this type of production is that there is a lot of waiting time that cannot be eliminated. The engineering intensive production represented by the five-axis composite machining equipment only needs the initial debugging waiting time, while with the popularity of all kinds of domestic simulation software, only need to import blank data to complete the programming, and can also significantly shorten the early preparation. So foreign auto parts and manufacturing are basically based on five axes.