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3D Printing Process

Mar 16,20

Advantages of 3D printing: save materials, 3D printing process can make parts integration, product diversification will not increase the cost.

Disadvantages of 3D printing: printing materials are limited and the accuracy is low.

According to the customer's 3D drawings, the recognizable walking path and consumable extrusion quantity can be converted into 3D printer. Then send the file to the 3D printer.

3d printing process

The printer screen records the printing progress, the time required for printing, the total amount of consumables, etc. The temperature of the printer nozzle begins to rise, and the printer begins to print.

3d printing process

3d printing process

3,Remove Burrs, Painting
In order to make the appearance of the rapid prototypes better, some surface treatment processes need to be done, such as remove burrs, painting, silk screen printing, etc

3d printing process

3d printing process