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3d printing can be directly printed black ABS material

Mar 26,21

3d printing can be directly printed black ABS material

From now on, we will meet your needs, materials, technology and applications to see how to choose the right materials to meet your needs in practical use.

3D printing is the most common processing method in rapid prototype. Our company now introduces that we can directly print black ABS material, which is black without coloring. Its toughness and temperature resistance are better than ordinary white ABS.

3D printing, with its unique manufacturing techniques, allows us to produce a wide range of items that have never been made before and reduces costs, hours and complexity for businesses. The real advantage of 3D printing technology lies in its printing materials, which can well imitate the mechanical or thermal properties of plastic and metal materials. However, this is also a major technical reason restricting the development of 3D printing at present.

ABS material has good thermal resistance and impact strength, is the first choice for fused deposition molding 3 d printing process engineering plastic, at present mainly ABS prefabricated into wire, powder, after the use of application range covers almost all commodities, engineering products and parts of mechanical products, in the field of automobile, home appliances, consumer electronics have a wide range of applications.

What we mainly introduce is the black ABS material used in 3D printing.Is a production level of plastic, specially designed for the FDM technology of 3 d printing design, this common strong material will help you to verify more creative, more frequent testing and repeated work, eventually reduce risk and create better products, to speed up the market For performance reasons and more appropriate price, very suitable for the conceptual model and secondary parts, including functional prototype jigs fixture manufacturing processing and end-use parts The color of this material with white, pale yellow or pale green Black, black is the latest development of material, natural color is light yellow or light green)

In recent years, ABS has not only gradually expanded its scope of application, but also improved its performance. With the strong bond and strength of ABS, ABS has been modified to further expand its scope of application as a 3D printing material. In 2014, the International Space Station used ABS plastic printers to print parts for it.

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