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Factors affecting CNC machining accuracy

Oct 26,20

Factors affecting CNC machining accuracy

With the development of science and technology, CNC machining center has already become the main force of production and processing. More and more CNC machining centers have become the necessary equipment for production. CNC machining centers will not be affected by human resources. With good processing uniformity, it can reduce the physical labor of employees, and become a magic tool to improve production efficiency and process disordered workpieces. Therefore, the machining accuracy of CNC machining center has become our focus Now we analyze some factors that may affect the machining accuracy and make a summary. We try our best to avoid:

  1. The accuracy of CNC machine tool itself, including the strength of bed material, the precision of screw and nut, the accuracy of servo motor, the accuracy of detection device, and whether the installation level is set during installation, etc;
  1. The way of workpiece clamping will also affect the machining accuracy;
  1. Tool: the quality of the tool in CNC machining center is the key factor that directly affects the machining accuracy, and the service life of the tool determines the machining accuracy.
  1. The accuracy and even deformation of products are affected by the processing path to varying degrees;
  1. Skill level of operators.

The main external factors are as follows:

1, CNC machine tool in the environment of temperature, air pressure, etc.; CNC machining center lead screw vacancy: CNC machining center positioning accuracy directly affects the processing accuracy of the workpiece, temperature has a key impact on the positioning accuracy, if there is no constant temperature working environment of the machine tool, the machine tool should be idled before processing every day, so that the temperature of the machine tool is consistent with the external temperature Processing, also known as heat engine, also need to check the screw reverse clearance.
  1. Is there any large-scale machinery nearby that causes large vibration.

We hope this article is helpful to you. In the next article, we will analyze how to improve CNC machining accuracy.