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5 Axis Machining

Jun 22,22

5 Axis Machining
5 Axis Machining, as its name implies, is made by means of LINEAR interpolating movements of the tool on any five axes in X, Y, Z, a, B, and C.
Whether at home or abroad, five-axis machining has been gradually taken seriously by the industry.In recent years, five-axis machining technology is generally considered as the only way to process continuous, smooth and complex surfaces. 
However, the five-axis CNC machining technology is the most difficult technology, in addition, five-axis CNC programming abstract, difficult to operate.

Mastercam 3d optimized dynamic rough cutting;

2)Five-axis parallel, gradient;
3)Five-axis drilling;
4)Mastercam 2022 highlight feature-five-axis intelligent unified knife path.

Mastercam aerospace processing case: Capsule connecting ring, aerospace bracket

MASTERCAM medical industry process case: Optical stent

MASTERCAM energy industry processing case: Wind Hub

MASTERCAM MOLD industry processing case: MOLD slider

Mastercam automotive industry processing case: Racing Column