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Home appliance rapid prototype (Rapid prototye)

Nov 19,20

HengDa (zhognDa) diary 2 
 Home appliance rapid prototype (Rapid prototye)

A few days ago, the customer had placed an order rapid prototye of bakelite resin , a little more, and tolerances can be challenging.
However, after received the rapid prototype, there was something wrong when assembly and 3pcs was broken. The customer requirements us to make 2 sets respectively ASAP. It would be better to shipping out at next day, they waiting it assembly.

After discussion,yes,can be done, but really can be challenging.
Need to say that the customer contacted us in the afternoon, but the material should be ordered, factory just didn't have any in stock. The material supplier said they can only deliver it in the evening.
These is should be export, with the DHL account of the customer. There without picked up service after 7pm in Changan, Dongguan, .
It took us less than 20 hours to actually make it.
No mistakes are allowed.
The engineering supervisor follow closely to check the tolerance. After a while, he went to the CNC department to avoid any problem happen. Once finished CNC machining,the QC double checked all tolerances and then deburring and polishing.

Everything went in an orderly way and was finally finished around 5pm, packed and shipped out.

We try to do whatever we can, for fear that haven’t done enough.