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3D printing helping doctors repair their patients(3D printing benefits people)

Nov 25,20

3D printing helping doctors repair their patients(3D printing benefits people)

It is undoubtedly gratifying that China's 3D printing market shows a good momentum of development and gradually realizes commercialization, and the application of technical equipment in casting, medicine, product design, rapid mold manufacturing and other fields is deepening day by day.Compared with the rest of the world, China's 3D printing market has relatively weak core technology research and development strength, single material resources, scarce professional talents, and small overall size of the industry. Such problems still need to be paid attention to and solved jointly by enterprises and universities.

3D printing technology is becoming more and more mature, and its application in the medical field is also common.Orthopedics at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center recently used 3D printing technology to successfully complete a difficult revision hip replacement operation, and the patient was able to walk on the ground one week after the operation.
Due to femoral head necrosis, the patient, Mr. Song, underwent right total hip replacement in another hospital in the first half of this year. After the surgery, Mr. Song suffered from recurrence and dislocation for many times, and he could even feel metal abnormal movement around the hip joint. After the second operation, he was still unable to walk.Due to his special condition and the difficulty of surgical revision, Mr. Song's problem still cannot be solved after he has been transferred to many hospitals.
Finally, Mr. Song came to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center affiliated to Fudan University for help.After admission, the orthopaedic joint surgery team confirmed neuropathic joint disease by inquiring medical history and imaging examination report.According to the introduction, this disease is a rare disease, because of the lack of pain protection mechanism, whether joint replacement or joint fusion, the risk of surgical failure is very high, after repeated demonstration and analysis by the joint surgery team, the application of 3D printing technology to solve the surgical difficulties.

Imaging showed that Mr. Song's right hip joint had formed a huge acetabular defect, and the largest acetabular prosthesis could not fill the huge bone defect.So the team of joint surgeons used state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to complete a 1:1 print of the patient's pelvis, recreating the extent and extent of the acetabular defect.Under the guidance of the special consultant of joint surgery and professor Yao Zhenjun of the Department of Orthopaedics of Zhongshan Hospital, professor Chen Qiu, Deputy director Luo Tao, Deputy director Ding Huifeng and other experts in the department of Orthopaedics designed a detailed operation plan and prepared several sets of operation plans by using 3D printing technology and computer simulation operation.In the end, the operation was successfully completed in only two and a half hours, with little bleeding during the operation. In just one week, Mr. Song was able to go to the ground for rehabilitation exercise under the protection of a brace.It is still under close observation to reduce the risk of re-dislocation and re-loosening.
According to Luo Tao, deputy director of the department of orthopaedics, the application of 3D printing in the field of orthopaedics is constantly expanding, covering the spine, joints, trauma and other sub-disciplines.Among them, revision of artificial joints in joint surgery is often difficult to reconstruct the integrity of pelvis and restore the stability of artificial joints due to the large scope of bone defects and irregular shape. Even if the initial stability is restored, there is still a risk of late dislocation, so it is very challenging.3D printing is a powerful weapon to solve this problem. It can customize joint prostheses and patches, almost perfectly solving this problem.
Health orthopaedic joint surgery team to hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle arthroscopy of minimally invasive treatment and artificial joint replacement and renovation as the characteristic, the overall femoral head necrosis and hip surgery, high tibia bone cutting knee surgery, on the basis of the application of 3 d printing overall enhance the level of artificial joint replacement and renovation, for the majority of patients brought the Gospel.