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causes and preventive measures of heat treatment defects of rapid prototype stainless steel products

Jan 11,21

Causes and preventive measures of heat treatment defects of rapid prototype stainless steel products

Handboard model CNC machine processing of stainless steel products, commonly used in the post-treatment process heat treatment, in order to increase the hardness of stainless steel.But the good side of heat treatment has its drawbacks.The details are as follows:

1The surface of stainless steel products has soft spots
There are soft spots on the surface of stainless steel products after heat treatment, which will affect the wear resistance of stainless steel products and reduce the service life of stainless steel products.   
 the causes
1Stainless steel products in the heat treatment before the surface of the oxide, rust spots and local decarburization.    

Stainless steel products quenching heating, cooling quenching medium selection, quenching medium too much impurities or aging.    

precautionary measures
1Stainless steel products should be removed before the heat treatment of the scale, rust spots, in the quenching heating appropriate protection of the surface of stainless steel products, should be used as far as possible in vacuum electric furnace, salt bath furnace and protective atmosphere furnace heating.
2Stainless steel products after quenching and heating cooling, should choose the appropriate cooling medium, the long-term use of the cooling medium to often filter, or regular replacement.

2The structure of stainless steel products is poor before heat treatment
Stainless steel products eventually spheroidized coarse uneven, imperfect spheroidization, organization has a network, strip and chain carbide, which will make stainless steel products after quenching easy to crack, resulting in scrap stainless steel products.

The reasons causing
1The reasons causing
2The forging process is not good, such as high heating temperature, small deformation, high stop forging temperature, slow cooling rate after forging, etc., so that the forging structure is thick and there are network, strip and chain carbide, so that it is difficult to eliminate the spheroidizing annealing.
3Poor spheroidizing annealing process, such as annealing temperature is too high or too low, isothermal annealing time is short, can cause uneven spheroidizing annealing structure or poor spheroidizing.

preventive measure
1Generally, according to the working conditions of stainless steel products, production batch and the strength and toughness of the material itself, try to choose good quality stainless steel products steel materials.
2The improvement of forging process or the adoption of normalizing preparation heat treatment can eliminate the net and chain carbides and the inhomogeneity of carbides in raw materials.
3For the high carbon stainless steel products with serious carbide segregation which cannot be forged, solid solution refining heat treatment can be carried out.
4The quenching and tempering heat treatment and fast uniform spheroidizing annealing process can be used to make correct spheroidizing annealing process specification for forged die blank.

5Reasonable furnace installation, to ensure the uniformity of die temperature in the furnace.
To sum up, in order to do a good job in stainless steel products, we need to choose good materials first. The stainless steel products from the surface, solid solution refining heat treatment and other meticulous work need a professional team to complete.So choosing a good professional team is the most important.