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CNC machining center is divided into 3 axes, 3+2 axes and 5 axes (CNC machining center is divided)

Feb 22,21

 CNC machining center is divided into 3 axes, 3+2 axes and 5 axes (CNC machining center is divided)

Many of the partners into the CNC processing industry, it is hard to avoid the 3 axis, 3+2 axis, 5 axis and other processing schemes, in fact, ah, don't say is a novice, many join the industry for many years they can not distinguish, this paper summarizes the main points in detail, quick look at it

What is 3-axis machining
3 axis machining by the linear feed axis X, Y, Z for processing.Machining features: the direction of the cutting tool remains constant throughout the cutting path.The cutting state of the tool tip cannot be perfect in real time.
What is the 3+2 axis machining mode:
The two rotation axes first fix the cutting tool in an inclined position, and then the feed axes X, Y and Z are processed.This machine tool is also called positioning five axis machine tool .The Cycle800 is a static plane transformation that can be used to define a rotating working plane in space through 3+2 axis machine tool machining (such as a rotary head or turntable).In this working plane, 2D or 3D machining operations can be programmed.

Machining characteristics: the rotary axis is always rotated to the machining plane perpendicular to the cutter shaft position for processing, processing during the machining plane remains fixed.
What is 5 axis machining
5 axis machining from the feed axis X, Y, Z and rotation axis A, B, C of X, Y, Z any five linear interpolation motion.Siemens' Traori motion conversion command supports 5-axis conversion very well.

Machining characteristics: the direction of the tool can be optimized in the process of moving along the whole path, while the linear movement of the tool.In this way, the optimal cutting condition can be maintained throughout the entire path.