CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of a variety of metal, plastic hand model.



A Rapid Prototyping Factory from Dongguan China

Oct 27,20

A Rapid Prototyping Factory from Dongguan China 

Hengda model tehnology(hongkong)co.,ltd. (Dongguan ZhongDa Model Co., Ltd)
which is specialized in various rapid prototype manufacturing.

☂ The boss told us frequently, able to do for clients, make every effort to do our best.

☂ Our factory offers high quality products at very competitive prices.

☂ Tolerance requirements, do as medium tolerance(k) of Japanese machinery. Check at least 3 times before shipping. CNC can reach min tolerance ±0.05mm, Sheet Metal ±0.05mm, Vaccum casting ±0.1mm. If you need accurate dimensional data, we have 3D measuring instrument.

☂ With a professional mature technical engineer team and production staffs, we are familiar with all kinds production technology to complete the products quickly and accurately. 5 peoples have more than 10 years of handwork experience.

☂ As a responsible company we have good after-sales service, if have any quality problems, please feel free contact us, will redo. If still cann't work for you, will refund.

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