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Advantages of CNC machining and precautions

Dec 01,20

Advantages of CNC machining and precautions

Numerical control machining (CNC) is an advanced machining technology in today's machinery manufacturing. It is an automatic machining method with high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility.It is to process the workpiece numerical control program input to the machine tool, the machine tool under the control of these data automatically processing in accordance with people's wishes to produce wonderful products.
Numerical control processing technology can effectively solve such complex, precise, small batch of changeful processing problems as mold, fully adapt to the needs of modern production.Developing nc machining technology has become an important way to accelerate the development of economy and improve the ability of independent innovation in China.At present, the use of CNC machine tools in our country is more and more common, can master CNC machine programming, is the important way to give full play to its functions.

Advantages of CNC lathes
The following are some advantages of CNC lathes for your reference:
1, if the CNC lathe is correctly programmed, it can usually produce 100% of the products accurately.They produce parts to a great extent to improve accuracy.Provides good positioning accuracy and repeatability.Because of their accuracy and ability to reuse programs, they can provide higher quality.
2, applicable to numerical control lathe numerical control lathe processing parts processing as a very suitable for a variety of medium and small batch parts of CNC lathe processing and manufacturing cost is falling, now at home and abroad a large number of processing spare processing small batch and single production will also appear when parts, if you can shorten the time of debugging and ready to die, also can choose
3, once you learn the CNC lathe, it will not be difficult to use.For example: Because fewer clamps are used, there is no need to use complex clamps and fixtures in all areas, thus reducing the actual storage requirements.As no complex fixtures and fixtures are required, the die cost is reduced.After passing the inspection, the inspection of subsequent parts is reduced.Advanced machine control and programming capabilities make complex machining operations easier.
4. Modern CNC lathe design software allows designers to simulate their own ideas.There is no need to make prototypes or models.It saves time and money.
5, the use of CNC lathe can effectively reduce the time needed to produce furniture.CNC lathes enable the operator to make changes or improvements with little delay or expense.Reduce waste as errors due to operator fatigue, interruptions and other factors are less likely to occur.Improve production plans, because they can usually perform work under a setup that typically requires multiple regular machines.Due to the reduction of mold cost, the delivery time is shortened.
6, in addition to the occasional maintenance time, CNC lathes can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a day continuous use.
Seven small parts, CNC lathe processing and surface roughness value of allowance on the workpiece material and Angle of the cutting tool allows cases, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed, feed speed and ordinary lathe is constant rotational speed, diameter of different cutting speed is different, such as which has the function of constant cutting CNC lathe processing, and in the face of different diameter cylinder can use the same linear velocity, ensure that the surface roughness value is small and the surface roughness in different surface finish, small surface roughness and consistent when using small feed speed, surface roughness, use the feed speed is big, change is very good,It's hard to do that on a regular lathe.
8, through the use of "virtual software", you can carry out the use of CNC training.The software allows the operator to practice using a CNC lathe on a computer screen.The software is similar to a computer game, which can make the learning process fun and easy to learn.

Precautions before starting CNC lathe machining:
Before the start of CNC machining, it is necessary to be familiar with the performance, structure, transmission  principle, operation sequence and emergency stop method of CNC machine tools.
(2) Check the amount of oil in lubricating oil and gear box.
(3) Check the fastening screw and do not loosen it.
(4) Clean the surrounding environment of the machine tool. The machine tool and the control part should always be kept clean. Do not remove the cover and start the machine tool.
(5) Calibrate the tool and meet the use requirements.

Matters needing attention after the CNC lathe is started:
After the machine starts, before the automatic continuous operation of the machine, it is necessary to monitor its running status.
(2) Confirm that the coolant output is smooth and the flow is sufficient.
(3) When the machine is running, the protective cover shall be closed, the cutter shall not be adjusted and the size of the measuring workpiece shall not be measured, and the hand shall not be close to the rotating cutter and workpiece
(4) Remove the cuttings on the workpiece or tool when the machine is stopped.
Matters needing attention when finishing nc machining:
(1) Cleaning machine.
(2) Anti-rust oil lubrication machine tools.
(3) Turn off the system and power.