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Almighty rapid prototyping sales

Nov 10,20

Hengda(Zhongda)Diary 1 

Almighty rapid prorotyping sales

A batch of goods will be shipped at tomorrow. The material is Aluminum, finished is black anodizing. It is already noon, but still some parts has not been polished in time. The production department is really busy today.

The sales catch it in the eyes, keep it in the mind, there is nothing in hand, they went to help polish.
Of course not nothing to help, actual is professionals.

Why do say so? I have to tell you that our company sales has pre-job training. During first 3 month , each department has to learn for a period of time to deepen the production, understand the process and get familiar with the production process.

The sales is exquisite and lovely, try they best to do whatever can do.
If you're looking for a responsible, professional rapid prototyping sales.
Please trust us, won't let you down.
Looking forward to hearing from you.