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Hand-board model-Aluminum alloy handboard model manufacturing process flow (rapid prototyping factory)

Jun 17,21

Hand-board model-Aluminum alloy handboard model manufacturing process flow (rapid prototyping factory)

Aluminum alloy
handboard model manufacturing process flow
Aluminum alloy hand model production range is quite huge, can let you meet the needs of any industry.Aluminum alloy in the industry the most widely used a kind of material, in aviation, aerospace, automotive, plays a big role in mechanical production, aluminum alloy density is low, but the intensity is high, close to or more than high-quality steel, plastic, can be processed into various profiles, with excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, industrial use, usage is second only to the steel.Aluminum alloy hand plate plays a great role in the development of new products, it can be said that the product will play a role in the future of the whole society, because the scope of the mold industry is everywhere, as long as we through the aluminum alloy hand plate detection, and then to open the mold, can be developed at the fastest speed of the mold.
1. Programming: according to the 3D drawings provided by the customer, let the programmer write the program for the data, so that the CNC machining equipment can carry out the cutting and turning processing according to the 3D data.
2, CNC processing: through CNC processing equipment according to the program written by the programmer to process, the material of the plate out of the prototype of the model.
3, manual processing: sorting out the processed products.The main contents include: proofreading data, removing burrs, bonding, polishing and so on;
4, surface treatment: the completion of various surface effects in the renderings, commonly used for spray painting, screen printing, electroplating, special radium carving, anodic oxidation, wire drawing, etc
5, assembly: after processing is the data detection of the assembly problem, the need for trial assembly before surface treatment;
6. QC complete inspection of finished products: check quantity, appearance inspection, material reconfirmation, structural assembly function test, issue QC report, count quantity, transfer packaging room.
7. Packing: confirm the quantity, package and seal the box.