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Aluminum parts CNC machining to pay attention details(CNC prototyping)

Dec 08,20

Aluminum parts CNC machining to pay attention details(CNC prototyping)

As we all know, in CNC machining, whether manual programming or automatic programming, before the programming of the parts to be processed for process analysis, formulate the processing scheme, select the appropriate tool, determine the cutting dosage.

In programming, some process problems also need to be dealt with.
When aluminum casing CNC processes precision parts, it is necessary to program all the processed process, process parameters and displacement data, and record them in the form of digital information on the control medium (such as punched paper tape, disk, etc.), and use it to control the machine tool processing.
What details should be paid attention to in CNC machining of aluminum casing?
1. Before starting the machine, check whether the tool compensation, the zero point of the machine and the zero point of the workpiece are correct.
The relative position of each button should meet the operation requirements.
Careful preparation, input numerical control program.
2. When adjusting the machine tool, clamping workpiece and tool and sassafras swab machine tool, stop the machine.
If you find any abnormal situation or alarm signal, stop immediately and ask the relevant personnel to check.
3, to check the equipment on the protection, insurance, signal, position, mechanical transmission part, electrical, hydraulic digital display system operating condition, in all normal conditions can be carried out under the cutting.

4, must abide by the processing center safety operation procedures.
Should wear good protective equipment according to the regulation before the job, tie well cuff, prohibit to wear scarf, wear glove, tie, wear apron, female worker plait should be pulled inside the hat.
Tools or other items must not be placed on electrical appliances, operating cabinets and enclosures.
Do not remove iron filings directly by hand. Use special tools to clean them.
5. Before the CNC machining of aluminum alloy, the machine should be tested for lubrication, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, digital display and other systems. The machining can be carried out under normal conditions.
After the machine tool enters the processing operation according to the program, the operator is not allowed to contact the workpiece, the cutter and the transmission part of the moving person, and is not allowed to pass or take the tools and other items through the transmission part of the machine tool.
Do not leave your position when the machine is turning. If you want to leave, put the work table in the middle and the knife stick back. You must stop and cut off the power supply of the main machine.