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Automation and flexibility of intelligent stock for sheet metal processing(sheet metal)

Apr 15,21

Automation and flexibility of intelligent stock for sheet metal processing(sheet metal)

Centering on the intelligent storehouse of row sheet metal, we can integrate laser cutting, stamping, bending and cutting shears with it.

Through the information exchange between the central control system and the customer's production management system, the sheet metal products in the order can be automatically arranged according to the order quantity, the production and processing planning tasks can be formulated, and the automatic programming can be pushed to the processing equipment.

According to the processing plan formulated by the superior system, the equipment communicates with the automatic intelligent material warehouse to process the required materials or semi-finished products and realize automatic production and processing.The monitoring system feeds back the real-time processing information of each device to the upper system to realize the whole process monitoring and management.

As a storage, buffer and processing unit for materials, semi-finished products and finished products, sheet metal intelligent warehouse realizes the physical integration of FMS system.The central control system and the intelligent warehouse control system, the customer upper production management system and each unit through the network connection composed of PLC realize the information integration.

The above-mentioned FMS system consists of the following parts:

L Platoon automatic intelligent storage

L Fiber laser combined processing equipment + automatic sorting and sorting system

L High-speed CNC punch + automatic sorting and sorting system

L High speed CNC punch + automatic loading and unloading system

L Automatic robot bending system

L System software

L Customer production management system

Features of FMS system:

L The system can realize 24 hours of unattended automatic processing and automatic sorting;

L It can integrate the automation units of different sheet metal processing processes to reduce the invalid movement between different processes;

L Can effectively use the factory space to achieve unified management of materials, semi-finished products and finished products;

L Through the information integration and optimization of each system, the comprehensive rationalization management of the factory has been realized.

But not all customers are suited to the system.The above-mentioned FMS system is relatively complex, with high initial investment cost and long delivery time.If the enterprise lacks the corresponding management personnel and certain production scale, it is difficult to realize the operation of the production system.In order to meet the various needs of customers, each sheet metal unit connected with the automated intelligent warehouse is regarded as an independent sheet metal automation unit, which can completely solve the above problems.