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CNC machining center how to find the center coordinates of the circle?

Oct 13,21

A, CNC CNC machining center how to find the center coordinates of the circle
1, the dial indicator on the main shaft to probably move to the first round center spindle manually turn watch probably in the shaft center manually turn a circle see y direction of the first round of a negative shake side pressure, the debug manual spindle turn slowly again a little bit know three are all in the same position for the table of the boring certainly all point in one place! This will be faster as you get better at it.
2. Install a drill bit, with the tip of the knife roughly aligned with the center of the circle. Lift the Z axis, remove the knife, table seat suction on the spindle (knife position), dial indicator against the workpiece surface, and then you manually rotate the spindle, observe dial indicator, which direction the pressure gauge is more, you hand wheel to the negative direction, so slowly school.
3, there is a coaxial alignment device of the deviation, as long as the instrument on the main shaft, by lun circle spindle two, and a main shaft moving, can be displayed on the screen between the spindle axis and the workpiece axis in the x, y coordinates size deviation, according to the size of roll in the past, the main shaft is very convenient, two or three minutes, high precision, don't need technology
Two, understand the center coordinates of the machining center
In numerical control programming in order to describe the movement of machine tools, simplify the programming method and ensure the interchangeability of recorded data, the coordinate system and the direction of movement of numerical control machine tools have been standardized, ISO and China have drawn up the naming standard. Machine tool coordinate system is a cartesian coordinate system composed of X, Y and Z axes based on the machine tool origin O as the origin of the coordinate system and following the right hand Cartesian coordinate system. Machine tool coordinate system is the basic coordinate system used to determine the workpiece coordinate system. Is the inherent coordinate system on the machine tool, and is provided with a fixed origin of coordinates.