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CNC machining features of aluminum profiles

Nov 17,20

CNC machining features of aluminum profiles

With the development of doors, Windows, curtain walls, vehicles, ships and automation equipment, aluminum profile processing center has gradually developed into an independent processing center.

According to the characteristics of aluminum profile materials and processing technology, this type of processing center is generally equipped with milling groove, drilling, tapping and other capabilities;

Functions such as milling plane/surface, counterboring and boring are rarely used in aluminum profile processing.

Because of the peculiarity of machining objects, the aluminum profile machining center is different from the general machining center in structure layout, technical parameters and numerical control system design.
  1. The longitudinal stroke is greatly adapted to the characteristics of aluminum profiles slender parts, aluminum profiles CNC machining center worktable for the narrow shape.
The width shall not exceed 500mm;

The length ranges from 6500mm to 7000mm to accommodate typical 6-meter profile processing.

The working surface is equipped with pneumatic fixture and positioning plate, which is convenient for workpiece positioning and fixing.

Aluminum profile processing center structure layout has moving column type, gantry type, moving beam type three, reflected in the rigidity of the machine tool, smooth operation, easy to operate and other performance indicators of the three layout has its advantages and disadvantages.

The machining center equipped with Axis A (rotating about axis X) can complete the machining of three sides of aluminum profile at one time.
  1. High spindle speed The highest spindle speed in the general machining center is generally below 8000rpm;

The spindle of the aluminum profile processing center can reach or even exceed 18000RPM.

Because of the high speed, the integrated permanent magnet synchronous motor spindle is generally adopted. This spindle integrates the functions of tool clamping, air cleaning, circulating water cooling and so on.

The cooling system of machining center can be divided into two forms: pouring cooling and spray cooling.

The latter is a more advanced quasi-dry cutting and micro-lubrication system (MQL) concept, with high cooling lubrication efficiency and low coolant consumption, especially suitable for aluminum profile processing.