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cnc machining how to quote CNC Machining quote calculation formula

Oct 13,21

cnc machining how to quote CNC Machining quote calculation formula
When outsourcing processing, quotation is a very key step, especially for CNC processing, quotation is the most important. In CNC Machining, the quotation is a certain calculation formula. These formulas can be very good to help you reasonably calculate the price of CNC Machining. 
CNC machining center is mainly for some types of small batch parts. With the gradual decline in the cost of CNC machining center, there are also large quantities of processing parts. Processing of small batch and single production, such as to shorten the debugging time of the program and tooling preparation time is also optional. 
CNC machining center processes parts with small surface roughness. The surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed speed when the workpiece and tool materials, finishing allowance and tool Angle are constant.

One. Product cost analysis 
In the CNC processing quotation, the first need to roughly analyze the cost of the product. Provide more accurate data basis for quotation. 
1, inquiry process: receive business, purchase new products -- inquiry -- understand the content, confirm the demand -- seek suppliers -- check the quotation of similar products -- manufacturer's quotation -- unit price confirmation is approved by the supervisor -- response to the relevant units -- tracking and confirming unit price and other information -- feedback and presentation.
  1. Appraisal process: read the business appraisal book -- analyze the content -- fill in the appraisal details -- approve by the supervisor -- send the original to the Business Department -- track the quotation and confirm -- input the confirmation original quotation details into the computer -- confirm the cost of each process.

Two, CNC machine planning standards 
The first calculation standard (when the program simulation time is less than or equal to 120 minutes)
Planning time =[calculation of clamping measurement time + heat machine time + (program simulation time *1.7 times)]* number of pieces 

Second calculation standard (when program simulation time is greater than 120 minutes)Planning time =[calculation of clamping measurement time + heat machine time + (program simulation time *1.5 times)]* number of pieces
Where clamping measuring time (time outside program operation) = cleaning + clamping calibration minutes + mounting and disassembling tool head, tool copying + measuring + disassembling workpiece time 
Note: The basis of clamping measurement time 
Workpiece: the cleaning time is 1-2 minutes for each piece, the assembly and disassembly head is one per minute, and the manual alignment is carried out. The caliper calibration meter measures 0.5 times per minute, and the wave oscillator measures one number per minute. Disassembling the workpiece is 1-5 minutes for each piece.
Tong: The cleaning time is 1-2 minutes. The clamping calibration table is one piece per minute. Use automatic disassembly tool head every 1 minute. The measurement is the same as the workpiece. Disassemble workpiece 1 minute per piece.