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cnc machining

May 24,21

cnc machining

CNC Machining is a combination of drilling and milling processing from the principle of machining, CNC Machining object selection is correct, reasonable use of technology, can become a high return on investment projects.

Due to the characteristics of CNC processing objects for complex patterns, strange shapes, fine finished products, and CNC Machining machine to light structure, which in fact limits the working mode of CNC processing for: "fast milling of small tools", in fact, this is the "professional advantage" of CNC processing,
The reason is that CNC processing is in the dry "conventional large tool can not be processed business".
Due to the unique professional advantages of CNC Machining, GNC engraving method is more handy in the following industries: mold engraving industry and advertising engraving industry.
1. Mold carving small cutting tools are leading the pack.
CNC processing in the field of industrial application of the most factory is the mold industry, in the mold production process CNC processing is not the main processing method and means of production, but its role is extraordinary, it can be said to be the "finishing point", which is determined by the engraving object "pattern, text and complex surface" characteristics.
Current CNC numerical control processing in the field of mold carved main business is: copper and graphite electrode processing edm forming machine is the main production equipment in the mold industry, the demand of the electrode is larger, but the lack of professional equipment for the production of electrode, CNCN carved for edm machine for professional support, fine machining of efficient angular, chic edm forming electrode form.
Cold stamping is one of the main means of production in the hardware industry. The processing of stamping dies is a very key link!
Hardware punching die mainly to CR12 as the processing material, CNC processing can be processed typical punching die: eyeglasses corner wire, eyeglasses beam, eyeglasses bracket core, buttons, accessories, commemorative coins, tableware handle, zipper, etc.
CNC Machining in the processing of precision punch more unique.
2. Shoe material mold and sole model processing.
Shoe making is a big industry in the world. Shoe material and sole processing is the main production link of the shoe making industry.
NC engraving can be used to construct and process sole models (replacing wood), high frequency (high frequency) molds of shoe materials and cutting molds with artistic curved surfaces as the main form.

3, drop plastic (micro injection) mold and doll mold processing.
Drip plastic mold is the main production tool of drip plastic gifts, which is a typical thin-walled products, a small batch, consistency and processing accuracy requirements are higher!
CNC machining is especially good at 59 copper brittle materials such as curved surface shape thin-walled parts processing
4. Clock parts processing and light CNC processing.
This is a typical application of light CNC equipment, professional use of professional equipment, high production efficiency, low investment cost!
CNC Machining can be highly efficient and fine for special curved surface milling, drilling and carving, CNC Machining can also be precise and fast for the case, watch chain, dial and other insert drilling.
And this kind of similar light CNC processing and application there are many, such as: decoration engraving, seal engraving, product engraving, mold engraving, hot stamping template, offset printing, etc.
5, embossing (leather, pattern) roller and cylinder workpiece engraving.
Roller flower is the main means of production of leather, decorative paper and other products, CNC processing in leather embossing roller (leather grain), paper (napkin, packaging paper, wallpaper) embossing roller, cylinder workpiece engraving application is very characteristic!
First board (hand board, sample) model processing
6, the first plate (model template) is the basic tool of manual mechanical engraving, CNC processing can be modeled in accordance with the real object, to achieve two-dimensional to three-dimensional structure, efficient fine processing model template.