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cnc precision machining solution for small batch die-casting parts

May 24,21

cnc precision machining solution for small batch die-casting parts

Small batch of metal parts and components (including: die casting) processing orders, has been more and more common Not only so, the customer also requires shorter delivery more preferential price, the supplier is facing increasingly shortage of professional operators, CNC problems such as low power To solve these problems, Hengda model technology(hongkong)co.,ltd. successfully develop flexible intelligent workstation, 5 g forA wide variety of small batch metal parts orders to provide high flexibility, economic and efficient CNC machining solutions

Is more a small amount of orders, machine processing problem for many years, is also must face the reality of the problem Hengda model technology(hongkong)co.,ltd. In China launched the flexible intelligent workstation, 5 g for medium and small batch production and customization, economically efficient simple safe and reliable operation Set up fast Optimal characteristic such as free switch cover an area of an area small,Hengda model technology(hongkong)co.,ltd. Machining division general manager Mr Deng Weicai said: flexible intelligent workstation, 5 g for small batch more varieties of metal parts product
rapid prototyping mould manufacturing medical devices, and other fields to provide economic and efficient solution For example: in the die casting industry, small batches of magnesium aluminum zinc alloy die casting parts, die casting mold;In the medical industry, the body plates used by the orthopedic department are customized for each individual, the number may be only one or two pieces, and so on

,Hengda model technology(hongkong)co.,ltd.5GFlexible intelligent workstationThe workstation system is integrated with software system of joint robot and CNC machine tool to simplify the operation procedure, making the operation easier and setting time shorter. No need to stop, can reset the new working procedure. Based on its powerful performance and function, it makes the operator's skill requirements are particularly low, to solve the problem of enterprise employment.

In addition, 5G flexible intelligent workstation can be moved by pallet carrier, so that one person can work easily. Self central anchor positioning; Automatic identification of CNC machine tools, can be applied to multiple CNC machine tools, as well as vertical machining center, lathe, turning and milling complex CNC machine tools. Its compact integrated design, small footprint, in line with modern factory management.

Machined products, equipped with more than 10 years of work experience of manual masters, perfect small batch CNC precision machining products were born.
Hengda model technology(hongkong)co.,ltd.The business covers more than 80 countries and regions, with nearly 20 offices and technical service centers in China and abroad, to provide global rapid response services
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