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What are the advantages of metal 3D printing versus traditional CNC machining? (3D priting)

Sep 09,21

What are the advantages of metal 3D printing versus traditional CNC machining? (3D priting)

The emergence of metal 3D printing is a double-edged sword for the traditional CNC manufacturing industry. With the continuous upgrading and progress of 3D printing technology, more and more 3D printers begin to enter the machinery manufacturing workshop. For the traditional manufacturing industry, cost and efficiency are relatively important factors. Therefore, the application of 3D printer can replace CNC to produce simple and less demanding parts at present.

1. Design degree of freedom
In the traditional CNC processing and manufacturing, its workflow is through the computer 3d modeling and then post-processing export program (CAM) to the machine tool for processing, its advantages are high degree of automation, simple operation; However, the disadvantage is that a large number of residual raw materials will be removed in rough processing, resulting in raw materials are not easy to use, and improve the production cost. And metal

3D printing it can be molded to do as much as possible, without worrying about waste of raw materials, which is its advantage.

Two, no additional fixture
When traditional CNC processing, need according to the process according to the process of machining, some processes need to be clamped leveling is, it will waste some time, relatively and 3 d print components don't need the extra fixed tools, make its in manufacturing without repeated clamping, save time and improve the efficiency, and can achieve the small batch production.
Iii. Automation
In traditional manufacturing, its processing process is the need for professional technicians to monitor the whole process, so as to ensure that there will be no technical and safety problems in production, such as in CNC processing, to always insight into the tool wear sound, parts loose, coolant is sufficient and smooth and so on. However, the 3D printing process does not need to worry so much. As long as the data transmission is successful and the printing material is sufficient and the material will not break, there will generally be no problem, unless the nozzle is blocked.