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Comparison of metal processing and sheet metal processing technology

May 28,20

       Metal processing is a general term for metal materials. Hardware can be called the mother of industry. Hardware refers to five metal materials: gold, silver, copper, iron, and tin. These materials can be used for sheet metal processing. The products produced by hardware materials are generally divided into two categories: large hardware and small hardware. Large hardware refers to steel plates, steel bars, flat irons, universal angle steels, channel irons and various types of steel materials; while small hardware refers to construction hardware , Tinplate, iron wire, steel wire mesh, etc.
Sheet metal processing
       The difference between metal processing and sheet metal processing

       Sheet metal processing and metal processing are two different forms of processing, and the processes used are also different. So what is the difference between Metal processing and sheet metal processing? Sheet metal processing is generally a comprehensive cold processing process for metal sheets through electric welding, bending, stamping, shearing, etc.; while metal processing uses professional processing machines for cutting processing, in the form of turning, milling, grinding, and processing Center, spark machine and other processing equipment, this is the difference in equipment and technology between the two.