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Correct operation and use of CNC machining steps:(cnc machining)

May 24,21

I. Overview:
Numerical control machine tool maintenance concept, not simply limited to numerical control system failure, how to troubleshoot and timely repair, so that the numerical control system as soon as possible into use, should also include the correct use and daily maintenance, etc.
Two, the correct operation and use of CNC system steps:
1. Check the CNC system before energizing:
1) Check whether each printed circuit board in the CNC device is tight and whether each plug is loose.
2) Carefully check whether all the connecting cables between CNC device and the outside world are connected correctly and reliably according to the provisions of the connection manual provided randomly.
3) Whether the connection of AC input power supply meets the requirements of CNC device.
4) Confirm whether various hardware Settings in the CNC device meet the requirements of the CNC device.Only after the above inspection, CNC device can be put into power operation.
2. Check the NC system after power on
1) First of all, check whether each fan in the numerical control device operates normally.
2) Confirm whether the DC power supply on each printed line or module is normal and within the allowable fluctuation range.
3) Further confirm the various parameters of CNC device.
4) When the CNC device is connected with the machine tool, the inlet pump should be connected to the power supply at the same time, as the preparation of pressing the emergency stop button, to cut off the power supply at any time in case of emergency.
5) Move each axis manually at a low speed to observe whether the display of the movement direction of the machine tool is correct.
6) to return to the machine reference point several times, used to check whether the CNC machine has the function of returning to the reference point, and each return to the position of the reference point is completely consistent.
7) Functional test of CNC device.
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