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Dongguan prototype Manufacturer - Zhongda Model

Nov 29,21

With the rapid development of the hand panel model industry, manufacturers are flourishing now. In order to attract customers for the next best, some poor manufacturers abuse the number, apparently poor products but well packaged, which has caused considerable impact on the market.

Some time ago, Mr. Liu, a customer in Shenzhen, said that before a local prototype manufacturing factory in Shenzhen cheated, the reason is that the accuracy of the product is unqualified, Mr. Liu wanted the product is the accuracy of 0.002mm, but the product produced by the factory in Shenzhen,
He said that after reading the introduction of our Zhongda model, he saw that we could make 0.002mm products. With the mentality of trying, he came to the workshop to visit the process of workers making and polishing, and asked us for a product sample for testing
It turned out to be a perfect fit. So he went to Dongguan from Shenzhen to have technical exchanges with our technical director, and then signed a confidentiality agreement and placed orders on the spot.

Dongguan Zhongda mold to provide customers with prototype services, a full range of scientific solutions, contact with the prototype industry for nearly 18 years, from shape processing to surface treatment painted, slikscreen, polishing, anodizing etc.are one-stop service.

With vacuum casting, laser cutting machine, bending, punching, welding, painting, and recently from Beijing precision procurement of five axis machine, for production and increase a strong power. We use professional technology to produce customized products you need.

Compared with other suppliers of small processing plants, unable to meet customer requirements, outsourcing processing, processing time can not be controlled and other factors, forming a sharp contrast.

Our advantage is scientific management process. Zoda has introduced and selected scientific production process management from abroad. We have standards for each link and strictly implement them to ensure that the quality and delivery date are qualified. Compared with other prototype companies, some of them lack management personnel and have one person to do all the work. Ordinary processing manufacturers can simplify the mass production process due to equipment, tools and personnel.

Save production cost, time cost, customer cost, with obvious advantages.

As the market is mixed with fish and dragon, please shine your eyes, we are the direct sales of manufacturers! It doesn't matter whether you buy or not. Offer you a good price for your reference and comparison!