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Dongguan prototype prototype CNC processing how to quickly form Zhongda model!

Nov 10,21

The size requirement of Dongguan handplate model is relatively high. Foreigners stick to this aspect. Structural handplate can directly reflect whether the model is reasonable or not. It is easy or difficult to find problems earlier and solve them. If the handle panel model is divided from all angles, it can be divided into two types, one is practical, the other is ornamental. Dongguan handplate model handplate CNC processing how to rapid prototyping Zhongda model!

"The ornamental hand panel is also called the exterior panel (display panel). It just looks at the appearance and lets people know what it is and has no movable joint. It means that the display hand panel is like a product that just has no internal structure or has no function like the product. It is only used for display purposes, mainly for exhibition purposes." The function is to be used for prophase publicity of the product.

A practical (structured) hand panel is movable and can be seen to function.

The utility hand panel is empty inside and can be used to fit some of its own parts or can be displayed directly as a finished product, such as a model of a car, the utility (structural) hand panel has an integral frame, four wheels, doors, etc. Usually as long as there is something on it, he will do it, so the production of the utility (structural) hand panel is relatively tedious. It's no different than making a normal hand panel model. You should be very careful about the size of each position, because you may take him directly for practical use, otherwise debugging and installation will not work!