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Handboard model processing of the post-processing technology is brief

Jan 22,21

 Handboard model processing of the post-processing technology is brief

Handboard model
can be said to be a key step in the development of new products. Many enterprises do hand-board verification after the completion of product drawings, mainly to see whether the design of the product is feasible. After machine plus L, the hand-board needs to do some manual processing.

Because there will be a lot of burrs and knife marks on the surface, the most basic is grinding, the following is to introduce the processing method of grinding:
(1) mechanical grinding: large area applied, in order to improve work efficiency, mechanical grinding method can be used, such as electric grinding machine disc type and vibration type.
(2) dry grinding: the use of sandpaper grinding, suitable for hard and brittle paint grinding, its disadvantage is that the operation process will produce a lot of dust, affecting the environmental health.
(3) wet grinding: water sandpaper dipped in water or soapy water grinding.Water mill can reduce wear marks, improve coating smoothness, and save sand paper, labor.But after the water mill should pay attention to spraying the lower paint, - one is to wait for the water mill layer is completely dry before coating the lower paint, otherwise the paint layer is easy to whiten.Another strong absorbent substrate is not suitable for water mill.
Sandblasting process is dry sandblasting abrasive can be steel sand, alumina, quartz sand, silicon carbide, etc., but the most domestic application is quartz sand, according to the parts material, surface state and processing requirements, can choose different materials of abrasive.
Sandblasting process is to use compressed air to power form a high-speed injection beam, the spraying material, such as high speed jet to need to deal with bai surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface appearance change, because the abrasive effect on impact on the surface of the workpiece and cutting, make get some cleanliness and different roughness of workpiece surface and the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface.
Function or use of oxidation
1, the workpiece surface cleaning
It can be used as the corrosion layer of metal, the residual salt and oxide layer on the surface of heat-treated parts, the oxide layer on the surface of rolled parts and forging parts
The oxide layer on the surface, the oxide layer on the surface of welding parts, the molding sand and oxide layer on the surface of casting parts, the residual dirt on the surface of machine parts.
Small burr, old parts of the surface processing, in order to remove the surface adhesion layer, reveal the true color of the substrate, surface cleaning quality can be
Reach SA3 level.
2, the workpiece surface coating before the pretreatment
It can be used as the pretreatment process of various electroplating processes, brush plating processes, spraying processes and bonding processes to obtain active surface.
Improve adhesion between coating, coating and adhesive parts.
3, change the physical and mechanical properties of the workpiece
It can change the stress state of the workpiece surface, improve the lubrication condition of the coupling, and reduce the noise in the process of the coupling movement.
Can make the workpiece surface hardening, improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength of parts.
4, the workpiece surface of the light processing
Can change the workpiece surface roughness Ra value.A workpiece surface that can produce a matte or diffuse reflection to achieve light finishes
The purpose of the work.
Three, spray paint with a special spray gun as a paint, with compressed air as the flow of paint, the paint from the nozzle of the spray gun
The uniform mist liquid, evenly dispersed deposition on the surface of the object is called spray paint.The characteristic of spray paint is: paint film is thin and even, smooth flat
Whole, all parts can be sprayed, not out of the dead corner, high construction efficiency, than brush paint to improve work efficiency 5-10 times, suitable for a large area
The surface and artificial is not easy to brush the dead Angle of the surface.Disadvantages are: need to have special equipment spray paint, paint utilization rate is low,
Serious deficiency.Spray paint construction quality mainly depends on the operator's technical proficiency, paint viscosity, working air pressure, spray gun
The distance from the object.
Post-processing of hand board model