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Handboard model small batch processing (Rapid prototye)

Jun 08,21

Handboard model small batch processing (Rapid prototye)

Handboard model small batch processing methods are: CNC processing, 3D printing batch, silica gel complex mold small batch molding
Hand is a product must be carried out before mass production of the verification process, or if the number of product requirements is not high, the performance is not so high, you can also produce small batches of industrial products, then small batch plastic hand processing can be used what method?
Small batch plastic handboard processing including CNC processing, 3D printing and silica gel compound mold two ways, CNC processing can do plastic, can also do metal.Silica gel compound mold is a kind of plastic hand processing method, suitable for small batch soft rubber and ABS, nylon and other materials of hand, silica gel compound mold production cycle is short, low cost, but its production accuracy is only positive or negative 0.2mm or so, if the accuracy of the model is very strict, try not to choose this way to do.
CNC processing: is a more commonly used hand processing method, processing accuracy is higher than other processing methods, the processing of a wide range of materials, plastic and metal materials can be processed, there are high requirements for the accuracy of the recommended use of CNC processing.
The main advantage of small batch hand board is low cost, shorter production cycle.For example, CNC processing to do a few hundred dollars of hand, the use of silicone replicas to do, only dozens of dollars can be, dozens of pieces of hand can be done in three or four days.Effectively reduce the time and cost of new product design and development.
Silica gel complex mold small batch production
Silica gel model to small batch production process is to use 3 d printing first as a model of a product model, then using this model, filled with silica gel, around to make a silicone mold, the mold, after they are dry out of the mold, becomes a silicone mold, the mold filling of the corresponding plastic material, can small batch production plastic planks.
Silica gel compound mold small batch production of product materials are more, generally common ABS, PLA, PC, soft rubber and other materials, for some products with relatively simple structure, silica gel compound mold production
3D printed nylon small batch production
3D printing is a new processing technology. Because of its good physical and mechanical properties, 3D printing nylon material is suitable for functional handboards and terminal products of some industries. In particular, nylon material can be used for 3D printing of industrial parts with complex structures.
3D printing nylon handboard does not need support, so it is suitable for more complex structure, and the material has high strength, good toughness, fast printing speed, and is suitable for small batch production of handboard.
Small batch hand processing cost is cheap, the production and manufacturing cycle time is short, small batch production generally refers to the number of dozens to hundreds of these number of hand model if the CNC production and processing, the cost and time consumed is very much, and 3D printing although the efficiency will be very high.