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Hengda model custom five axis machining products

Sep 09,21

Hengda model custom five axis machining products

Hengda model  have successfully introduced the five-axis machine of Beijing Fine carving, and we can successfully customize the five-axis machining products.

Here's a look at the core values of the five axes.


For some complex multi-faceted machining products, it is difficult to achieve higher accuracy in three-axis machining, and the time of manual intervention is long.But five-axis processing can achieve rapid positioning processing, mainly from the following angles to increase the processing accuracy of products:
  1. Introduce five-axis fixture
  2. Reduce clamping process
  3. There is no manual multiple clamping, clamping error is reduced
  4. You only need to find the coordinate system once to reduce the manual error
  5. Reduce the tool aspect ratio, reduce the risk of bouncing knife.

Mould slider five axis processing, reduce 13 procedures to 2 procedures
no.2  surface quality

The five axes can improve the surface processing quality of the workpiece from the following angles:
  1. The use of short diameter tool, improve the stability of processing
  2. The process reduces the discharge and makes the entire surface more uniform
  3.  Use the side edge of the ball knife to improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

Deep cavity machining (instead of discharge process)

Workpiece ratio
The five axes can improve the machining efficiency of the workpiece from the following angles
1) The use of tool length and diameter of the tool is relatively short, increase the processing of feed;
2) The use of five-axis linkage processing, reduce the discharge process;
3) The side edge of the ball knife is used for machining, and the feed of the machining is accelerated by the use of multi-blade knives.
Five-axis QCD idea
High-precision high-rigidity five-axis+ multi-blade ball knife

Five axis machining cases

Five-axis linkage (deep groove side wall processing)

Five axis linkage (boss processing)

From the beginning of the hand three axis to CNC three axis, and now the high precision five axis, the development of five axis is a trend, not overnight.
Zhongda model has successfully introduced Beijing fine carving five axis machine, welcome new and old customers to map inquiry. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks.