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How does 3D affect our lives

Mar 19,21

3D printing skills are commonly used by scientists for scientific research, such as rapid prototyping. Recently, a group of researchers in Germany used 3D printing and CT scanning skills to print copies of fossils.

This allows scientists to study fossils without having to remove fragile ones from the plaster that protects them, a skill that could potentially be applied to valuable specimens.




CT scanning can differentiate bone fossils and gypsum, so 3 d print scientists using computed tomography (CT) scan data to determine the fossils were buried in the German Hal bell stade (place) near a clay pit, buried time between 1910 to 1927, who claimed, with 3 d printing skills is, then just think of a scientist is put forward to try the skill, to see whether could succeed, confirmed that 3 d printing fossil is the first time make samples in the deposit as fossils, at that time, fossils of 3 d printing will also increasingly common.


Actually 3 d printing skills than we imagine himself closer to myself, it is now more than a decade ago began to permeate our life, the use of the current 3 d printing skills first embodied in four ways: conceptual model, layout and appearance test, function test and direct production, its first use category has three types: one is the mass consumption level, first used in the industrial planning, planning skills, jewelry, toys, creative culture and education scientific research and other categories, 2 it is industrial grade, first used in aerospace, national defense war industry categories, such as complex model, the scale size, special function of the parts, large pieces of metal cloth and production of metal parts directly,Mold, model, etc.


Today, 3 d values is higher and higher, to the rapid forming features of 3 d printing skills also bring many industry innovation and influence, in the near future 3 d printing industry market share in the civilian market will substantially promotion, at present, the 3 d printing and 3 d printing materials has been in oral health care, electronic products, animation, film and television, packaging, gifts, stationery, toys, lighting, building, glasses, wall clock, jewelry and so on more than one category is widely used, the current biggest clients are designers and engineers for product development, collective material manufacturing.



These advantages of high speed and high ease of use make 3D printing become a trend and have been applied in many fields. Now 3D printer has been applied to a considerable extent in architectural design, medical treatment, industrial model, complex layout, spare parts, animation model and other fields, and additive manufacturing.