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How does Guangdong model company operate CNC processing to make hand board models?

Nov 11,21

The hand model is one or more made according to the design drawing without opening the mold, which is used to check whether the appearance and structure are very reasonable.

Guangdong Model Co., Ltd. has many good model companies. To make CNC handboard models, we must first find reliable companies

Dongguan Zhongda Model Technology Co., Ltd. has a development history of 18 years. Its mature design team, production team, manual team and many industry technicians can skillfully operate CNC processing hand board models. The model company in Guangdong has geographical advantages and is close to the seaside. It is an out and out seaside city, Many hand board companies have used this convenience to make a loud banner.

With more and more companies and more diversified products, it is normal to choose well-known companies. Dongguan Zhongda model has an instrument accuracy of 0.02mm. The cut mold can not see any cutting trace with the naked eye. Tight fitting is to describe the mold made by Zhongda model. The company will also hold vocational and technical training for its personnel on a regular basis,

Now we have opened another branch Lianda model. The company not only pays attention to quality, but also attaches great importance to service. Many customers value our service and choose us for secondary repurchase and tertiary repurchase. According to statistics, it is estimated that there are more than 150000 practitioners of hand board models in China, mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and coastal cities around the Bohai Sea.

How does Guangdong model company operate CNC processing to make hand board models?

Hand board classification

(1) Hand made hand board: the main work is completed by hand. There are two kinds of hand boards: ABS hand board and clay hand board

(2) CNC hand board: the main workload is completed by CNC machine tools. According to the different equipment used, it can be divided into (SLA hand board, CNC hand board and 3D printing hand board.

CNC handboard models are mostly used for

Electronic appliances, toy animation, medical beauty, aviation model military industry, UnionPay security, automobile transportation, architectural display, craft accessories