CNC, 3D printing, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of a variety of metal, plastic hand model.



东莞市众达模型科技有限公司创建于2013年,公司位于交通便利的东莞市长安镇涌头社区 涌盛路1号杨鑫工业园B区,厂房面积1000平方米。采用CNC3D打印、复模,钣金等工艺,专业制作各种金属,塑料手板模型。

How does the prototype factory process the carlights?

Nov 30,21

Dongguan Zhongda Model Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, the company is located in convenient transportation, Changan Town, Dongguan City, Yongsheng Road 1 Yongtou community Yangxin Industrial , plant area of 1000 square meters. Using CNC, 3D printing, Vacuum casting, sheet metal and other processes, professional production of all kinds of metal, plastic prototype.

Since the establishment of the company to cooperate with a number of domestic and foreign automotive, industrial design companies, toys, household appliances manufacturers, product initial sample development, structure verification, functional realization.

The company went through the following steps when producing a prototype car headlight.  
  1.  if the customer provide the 3 d drawings, this is the best, if not provide 3 d drawings we will collect data, surveying and mapping, will first collect car appearance preliminary finalized, by measuring the types of cars for the needs of customers, artificial measurement machine test, a series of communication, evaluation, modification, finally complete the computer version of the preliminary 3 d drawings.

2. if the environment does not allow will first hand draw the outline of roughly, remember that the parameters of the key position, and then to material selection, material selection can select the default material, can also be customer technical communication with us to choose the appropriate materials, and then according to the customer demand design, hand-board model is in line with the ergonomics, if there is any leftover material excess, symmetry, Finalize the design drawing.

3. the second change, if the customer is not satisfied with the product, can communicate with us for the second choice of material, change, in accordance with the hand-drawn drawings, or 3D drawings to choose the material again.
4.choose the mold, if there is no problem in the above steps, will carry out a series of production, after CNC treatment, spark, flying mold, saving mold, and other steps to produce the mold.
  1. FEP board production, after the mold test to check the quality of the mold and material there is no problem, there is no material solidification, no control, burr and other problems, the final product release.
6. product release, through various aspects of testing, polishing, painting and other steps, the final production is completed, into the car hand model, and then through the exhibition, network, acquaintance introduction, mail, and other channels to publicize.

Customers who sign contracts with us can enjoy the double protection of confidentiality.
We will first sign a confidentiality agreement to constrain the behaviors of both parties. If one party has problems, the other party can use this agreement to negotiate with the other party. So far, there has been no problem, so our confidentiality agreement is very effective.

The above is the steps of the prototype processing factory processing lights, I hope to help you.