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How to improve the quality of CNC handplate model?What points should quality pay attention to?

Dec 25,20

How to improve the quality of CNC handplate model?What points should quality pay attention to?
In the process of hand plate proofing, many customers' requirements require the hand plate model to have high quality, and the quality of the hand plate model is directly affected by the processing accuracy.In order to achieve the goal of improving the quality of the handboard model, the matters needing attention in each process are discussed below.
一、 the selection of appropriate processing tools
1, the reasonable use and choice of cutting tools will be an important factor affecting the quality of CNC machining.In high speed machining, coated carbide will replace most of the cutting tools, including reamer, ball head cutter, boring cutter and other simple tools, to be used in most of the conventional machining fields.
2, usually in the rough machining, we will choose the large diameter of the tool for processing, in order to save cost and reduce the difficulty of the tool manufacturing, we will use machine clamping carbide blade, as far as possible to make the rough machining more chips.
3. Adopt the insert tool with high speed and high feed in the semi-finishing process to make the semi-finishing tool go fast;The high precision round head mirror blade and carbide tool bar are used to ensure the strength of the tool and tool bar, which can save the expensive cost of choosing the whole alloy tool while keeping the machining precision.
4, we also need to pay attention to in the processing of precision machined parts of the profile radius must be greater than or equal to the cutting tool radius, selects the radius is less than the corner radius of the cutting tool or diagonal lines in the form of circular arc interpolation interpolation method for processing, so that you can avoid using linear interpolation and cut occurred, ensure the quality of the mould finishing.
. Design a reasonable PROCESS plan of CNC hand plate
1. In high-speed and high-precision machining, the design importance of NUMERICAL control process scheme has been raised to a higher position, the whole process of processing must be controlled, any mistake will have a serious impact on mold quality, so the process scheme will play a decisive role in the processing quality.CNC machining process design can be considered as the control of the state of a systematic process scheme from the blank to the part processing and forming room.
2, reasonable process scheme in the whole design process is relatively difficult, need to go through constant practice summary and modification can be obtained, in the design process to consider a lot of information, the relationship between information is extremely complex, which must be ensured through the programmer's actual work experience.Therefore, the design quality of process scheme mainly depends on the experience and level of technical personnel.
. Pay attention to machining and programming CNC hand plate model
1. The size of the workpiece processed by CNC hand board should correspond well with the drawing, even if there is only a small gap, you have to consult the management or programming above.
2. In the process of CNC hand plate processing, the program is broken, so it is easy to make mistakes when changing the program, be sure to timely check.
3. If the tool needs to be changed during processing, the XYZ axis should be set to zero while the single section is made.If it is after changing the tool does not affect the depth of processing, directly after the tool with the hand wheel to XYZ axis for processing.If the depth of machining may be affected after the tool change, the tool must be rejigged and the three axes to zero for processing.This is a tricky step for a beginner, but it is a skill that must be mastered during processing.
. What should be paid attention to in the production project (key points: material selection and technology)
Conventional product hand board is generally made of ABS material, which is easy to process and beautiful to handle after hand board.
2.High temperature resistant hand plate can be made of material (1) epoxy resin;(2) Bakelite;(3) Black PC;(4) PA(nylon).Except for the black PC, the hand boards made of these four materials can not be bonded, and the other three materials need to be processed as a whole.
3.Wear resistant product hand plate, can choose POM or PA.The two materials can not be bonded to the hand plate, need to be processed as a whole.
4.High toughness product hand plate, can choose PA or PP.The two materials can not be bonded to the hand plate, need to be processed as a whole.
5.Transparent product hand plate, can choose PMMA(Acrylic), transparent ABS, transparent PC and other materials.These materials produced by the hand, through polishing, high transparency, to achieve the same effect as the real product.
6.Product hand surface treatment is generally divided into spray oil, electroplating, frosting, silk screen, pad printing and other surface effects.Hand spray oil for smooth surface, dumb surface, sand surface, transparent color, translucent color, fluorescent color, rubber oil and other effects.
Matters needing attention in NC machining