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How to improve the quality of cnc rapid prototyping

Dec 23,20

How to improve the quality of cnc  rapid prototyping

In the process of CNC template proofing, many customers require high quality of the prototype, and the machining accuracy directly affects the quality of CNC prototype. The following is to discuss the matters needing attention in each process to achieve the goal of improving the quality of CNC model.
1, Selecting suitable cutting tools

1. The rational use and selection of cutting tools will be an important factor affecting the quality of NC machining. In high speed machining, coated cemented carbide will replace most of the steel cutting tools, including reamers, ball end cutters, boring cutters and other simple tools, and be applied to most of the conventional machining fields.

2. Generally, in rough machining, we will select large diameter cutting tools for processing. In order to save cost and reduce the difficulty of tool manufacturing, we will use machine clip type cemented carbide blade to make rough machining chip removal as much as possible.

3. In the semi finishing process, the high speed and high feed insert tool is used to make the semi finishing process fast; in the finishing process, the high-precision round nose mirror blade and hard alloy tool bar are used as far as possible to ensure the strength of the tool and tool bar, so that the high cost of selecting the whole alloy tool can be saved while maintaining the machining accuracy.

4. In the process of machining, we also need to pay attention to the radius of the inner contour fillet on the finishing parts must be greater than or equal to the radius of the tool. The tool with radius less than the radius of the corner is selected to process in the way of arc interpolation or oblique line interpolation. In this way, the phenomenon of over cutting caused by linear interpolation can be avoided and the quality of die finishing can be guaranteed.

2Design reasonable CNC handboard process plan

1. In the high-speed and high-precision machining, the importance of the design of numerical control process plan has been raised to a higher position. It is necessary to control the whole process of machining. Any error will have a serious impact on the quality of the mold, so the process plan will play a decisive role in the machining quality. NC machining process planning can be regarded as the state control of a system process plan from the part blank to the part processing and forming.

2. Reasonable process plan is difficult in the whole design process, which can only be obtained after continuous practice summary and modification. A large amount of information should be considered in the design process, and the relationship between information is extremely complicated, which must be guaranteed by the practical work experience of the programmer. Therefore, the design quality of process plan mainly depends on the experience and level of technical personnel.

3Scientific management and maintenance
The positioning accuracy of CNC machine tools is an important precision different from ordinary machine tools. It has an important impact on the cutting accuracy of machine tools together with the geometric accuracy of machine tools, especially has a decisive impact on the error of hole spacing in pore machining. A CNC machine tool can judge its machining accuracy from the positioning accuracy it can achieve, so it is necessary to detect and compensate the positioning accuracy of CNC machine tool to ensure the processing quality. In addition, the reverse deviation will increase with the increase of the clearance caused by wear, so it is necessary to measure and compensate the reverse deviation of each coordinate axis of the machine tool regularly.

4Using advanced CNC rapid prototyping processing equipment
In CNC machining, the machining accuracy of mold is related to the equipment, and the more advanced processing equipment, the higher the machining accuracy. Therefore, it is the most direct way to choose more advanced CNC hand board processing equipment. In order to meet the customer's demand for higher machining accuracy, the CNC prototype processing equipment is replaced by a more advanced one, which can achieve the highest accuracy of 0.02mm in hardware.
To improve the quality of CNC hand board, all the suggestions given above can be achieved. To achieve the best quality of CNC hand board and meet the needs of customers is the goal that every hand board factory needs to achieve. The quality of the model is directly related to the machining accuracy, but not only depends on the machining accuracy, but also related to many other factors.