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How to save the remaining materials after CNC machining

Nov 24,20

How to save the remaining materials after CNC machining

Customers who use CNC cutting machine know that CNC cutting machine will leave a surplus material after cutting, but this phenomenon generally enterprises do not have a good solution.
Therefore, CNC cutting machine can save materials from the following three aspects. The following is a brief introduction to the specific operation implementation plan:

First of all, for the unreasonable purchase of plates, which leads to parts arrangement can not be finished, forming the problem of remaining edges. When enterprises purchase materials, for various reasons, the flatness of the purchased plates is not high and the plate surface is not regular enough. To a large extent, it is difficult to plan the plate surface cutting, and the parts to be cut can not be arranged reasonably, resulting in excessive surplus materials.

Solution: enterprises in the purchase of plate, should pay attention to waste of surplus materials as a reference factor. Not only to consider the material, flatness, price, but also to consider the purchase of this material, the amount of surplus material will be generated, in the cutting machine try to use surplus material.

Secondly, the machine operator's budget ability of steel plate arrangement is not enough, and improper arrangement leads to steel plate surplus. In general, the layout of cutting parts requires designers to fully understand the cutting requirements of enterprises and make decisions.

Solution: operators need to calculate and design the cutting mode before cutting. Strive for one-time, maximize the arrangement of parts to be cut on a single board surface, in order to reduce material loss and processing time.
Finally: surplus material management is not in place, can not be tailored to suit, reasonable use. Due to improper management of surplus materials, reasonable materials can not be used properly, resulting in waste of surplus materials.

Solution: sort out the surplus materials, do not stack them, and make records to facilitate management, so as to achieve the purpose of saving surplus materials.